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Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Brevig Mission, AK
Brevig Mission is a city in Nome Census Area, AK, located on the Seward Peninsula. A Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Mission was constructed at the present site in 1900, and the village is named after the Rev. Tollef Larson Brevig, who came here from Norway in 1894 as pastor and teacher. The Brevig Mission, AK post office opened 1963 and it is still in operation. The population was 388 at the 2010 census. NB 113, NFT 2/2016.

Dahl, AK
Dahl was a mining community on the Seward Peninsula, some 120km north of Nome, AK. It was most probably named for miner Conrad (Konrad) Dahl, born 1863 Trondheim, Norway. He emigrated 1882, lived in Tacoma, WA where he worked in the mining industry and after some time joined the gold rush in Alaska. Dahl and Dahl Creek are small gold mines in or near this community, where a post office was established 1905 with John A. White as postmaster. Mr. Dahl later left Alaska and went back to Tacoma, WA. The post office was discontinued 1913 with mail to Shelton.

Olness, AK / Olnes, AK
Olnes is a populated place in Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK. The town, named after Nels Olnes, a Norwegian prospector and miner, was a regular stop on the Tanana Valley Railroad between 1907 and 1930. His name is spelled Olnes as well as Olness. The post office opened 1908 as Olness with Dora M. Anderson as postmaster. Discontinued 1910 with mail to Dome.
The Dome, AK post office was established 1906, and changed name 1923 to Olnes with John L. White as postmaster. Closed 1925 with mail to Fairbanks. Today Olnes, AK is a nearly a ghost town.

Petersburg, AK
Petersburg is a community within Petersburg Borough on Mitkof Island in southern Alaska. In the nineteenth century, Peter Buschmann, a Norwegian immigrant, settled here, building a cannery, sawmill, docks and early structures. The settlement was named Petersburg after him, and it flourished as a fishing port. The Petersburg, AK post office opened 1900 with Christian H. Buschmann first postmaster and is still in operation. In 2009 the population was 2,824. NFT 2/2016.

Not confirmed: Anderson, AK
Anderson, Denali Borough, AK, ca 1960-date. Anderson is located some 120 km south of Fairbanks and is named after Arthur Anderson, one of several homesteaders who settled in the area in the late 1950s. In 1959, Anderson subdivided his homestead into house lots and sold most of the lots to civilian workers from Clear Air Force Station, a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System station completed 1961.

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