Norway in America - Florida

Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Norway, FL
Post office in Gadsden Co., opened 1888 with Christian L'Orange postmaster. Captain Hendrik Christian L’Orange was born 1843 in Halden, Norway. He established a sugar plantation in Hawaii from the 1870’s, moved to Florida around 1885 and started as tobacco farmer. The post office, which was named for Norway, closed 1906 with mail to River Junction.

Oslo, FL
First settled circa 1883, Oslo was established by some of Indian River Co.'s first pioneers, which included the Helseth, Gifford, and Hallstrom families. The area was given the name Oslo by the Helseth family, named for Oslo, which prior to 1925 was the Old Town of Kristiania, the capital of Norway. The post office opened 1898 with Ole O. Helseth postmaster. It closed 1919 with mail to Vero. NFT 2/2016.

Viking, FL
The Viking village in Saint Lucie Co. was first settled 1892 by a major B. Daniels who established a pineapple plantation. Soon the majority who lived here were from Scandinavia. A post office was in operation from 1898 with Andrew Ericksen postmaster, and name-change to Indrio from 1919, closed 1933. Named for the Norse Vikings. NFT 2/2016.

Not confirmed: Sorensen, FL
Sorensen, Martin Co., FL. 1890-1890. No information found in Postal Bulletins.

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