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Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Norway was closely allied to Holland in the 1700’s. Early Norwegian immigrants came across in Dutch ships and settled in the Dutch colony known as New Netherland.
The earliest considerable group of Norwegian immigrants who in 1825 arrived on the sloop Restauration settled in Kendall, Orleans Co., New York. No Norwegian post office names are documented here.

Bergen, NY
Bergen is a town in Genesee Co., NY. The community was named for the city of Bergen, Norway. The Bergen, NY post office opened in 1814 with Colonel W. H. Ward being the first postmaster. The post office is still in operation. The population was 3,120 at the 2010 census. Bergen R.F.D. was established 1901.

East Bergen, NY
East Bergen is a hamlet in the northeast corner of Bergen town in Genesee Co., NY, and the Bergen part of the name has the same origin as Bergen, NY. The post office was in operation from 1844 to 1863.

Norman's Kill, NY / Normansville, NY
Norman’s Kill / Normansville is a former hamlet in Albany Co., NY. It was located within and along the north and south banks of the ravine carved by the Normans Kill Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River. The name of the 73 km long creek is derived from the Dutch word for a Norwegian, who the Dutch called "North Men or Normans", and the word kill - Dutch for creek. Originally called “Tawasentha” (a place of the many dead), the Normans Kill (Noormans Kil in Dutch) is named for Albert Andriessen Bradt. He was born c.1610 in Fredrikstad, Norway and was one of the first Scandinavians to the Dutch colony of New Netherland, today’s New York. He was a tobacco planter and as such came to the area of the Normans Kill for that purpose. The tobacco which he planted of several years was never of any great quality, and he proceeded to construct two sawmills along the Normans Kill. The Norman’s Kill post office operated 1852-1873.
A new post office was established 1891 with the name Normansville, and it closed 1905, superseded by R.D. from Delmar. The Normansville name is obviously also attributed to the Dutch word for a Norwegian.

North Bergen, NY
North Bergen, NY is a hamlet in northwest corner of the town of Bergen in Genesee Co., NY. The Bergen part of the name has the same origin as Bergen, NY. The North Bergen, NY post office was established 1833. Discontinued 1903, superseded by R.D. from Bergen.

Norway, NY
Norway is a town in Herkimer Co., NY. Norway was formed in 1792 immediately after the creation of Herkimer Co. Obviously named for Norway, but the reason is not known. In 1825, the town's population was 1,168, and only 762 at the 2010 census. The Norway, NY post office was established 1813. It closed 1929, mail to Newport. Svein Andreassen writes about Norway, NY.

Valhalla, NY
Valhalla is a hamlet located within the town of Mount Pleasant, in Westchester Co., NY. Valhalla is the hall of slain warriors in Norse mythology. The Valhalla, NY post office opened 1861 and it is still in operation. Its population was 3,162 at the 2010 U.S. Census.

West Bergen, NY
West Bergen is a hamlet near the western town line of the town of Bergen in Genesee Co., NY. The Bergen part of the name has the same origin as Bergen, NY. The West Bergen, NY post office opened 1841 and closed 1931 with mail to Bergen.

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