Norway in America - Sources

Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

This page was updated 28 April 2021.

These are some of the sources we have used. Many more books and websites have been consulted.
United States of America
GeneralUS Postal Bulletins and PL&Rs
GeneralNB – Norvegiana Nyhetsbrev
GeneralNN – Norvegiana Nytt
GeneralNFT – Norsk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift
GeneralLP – La Posta: The Journal of American Postal History
GeneralFlom, George T.: "A history of Norwegian immigration to the United States: from the earliest beginning down to the year 1848" (1909)
GeneralHaugen, Einar: "Norsk i Amerika" 1975
GeneralHelbock, Richard W.: "United States Post Offices" Vol I-VIII (1998-2007)
GeneralHelleland, Botolv: "Norsk Språk i Amerika / Norwegian Language in America" (1991)
GeneralLandelius, Otto Robert et al: "Swedish Place-Names in North America" (1985)
GeneralLovoll, Odd S.: "A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today" (1998)
GeneralLovoll, Odd S.: "The Promise of America" (1984)
GeneralQualey, Carlton C.: "Norwegian Settlement in the United States" (1938)
GeneralRolfsen, Nordahl: "Norge i Amerika" (1915)
GeneralSande, Lars Chr.: "De som dro ut" (1975)
GeneralSemmingsen, Ingrid: "Veien mot vest" (1941)
GeneralUlvestad, Martin: "Nordmændene i Amerika - deres Historie og Rekord" (1906)
GeneralUlvestad, Martin: "Norge i Amerika" (1901)
RailwayKay, John & Fred MacDonald: "Mail Travel Guide" (2019)
Railway Kay, John: "Directory of Railway Post Office" (1997)
Railway Towle & MacDonald: "US Railway Post Office Postmark Catalog" (2001)
R.F.D."Rural Free Delivery"
R.F.D.Richow, Harold C.: "Encyclopedia of R.F.D. Cancels" (1983)
R.F.D.Stehle, Randy: "Rural Free Delivery Notes: Recent discoveries & identifying manuscript RFD markings"
R.F.D.USPS: "First Rural Routes by State"
CaliforniaGudde, Ervin G.: "California Place Names" (1998)
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IllinoisCallary, Edward: "Place names of Illinois" (2009)
IllinoisStennet, W.H.: "A History of the Origin of the Place Names Connected with the Chicago & North Western and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railways" (1908)
IllinoisStrand, Algot E.: "A history of the Norwegians of Illinois" (1905)
IowaSavage, Tom: "A Dictionary of Iowa Place-names" (2007)
IowaRamsey, Guy Reed: "Postmarked Iowa" (1976)
MichiganDavidson, Clifford O.: "Norwegians in Michigan" (2010)
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MinnesotaBlegen, Theodore C.: "Minnesota, A History of the State" (1964)
MinnesotaFochs, Ronda: "Minnesota’s Lost Towns" North, North II, Central, South (2014-2016)
MinnesotaRisvold, Floyd E.; "The Minnesota Territory in postmarks, letters and history" (1985)
MinnesotaUpham, Warren: "Minnesota Place Names" (2001)
MontanaCheney, Roberta Carkeek: "Names on the face of Montana" (2000)
North DakotaWick, Douglas A.: "North Dakota Place Names" (1988)
North Dakota"The Dakota Collector"
OklahomaShirk, George H.: "Oklahoma Place Names" (1989)
OregonMcArthur, Lewis A.: "Oregon Geographic Names" (1954)
South DakotaSneve, Virginia Driving Hawk: "South Dakota Geographic Names" (1973)
South Dakota"The Dakota Collector"
TexasBradfield, Bill & Clare: "Muleshoe & More" (1998)
WashingtonBrokenshire, Douglas: "Washington State Place Names from Alki to Yelm" (2008)
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WisconsinGard, Robert E. and L. G. Sorden: "The Romance of Wisconsin Place Names" (1968)
WisconsinMoertl, Frank: "Wisconsin, Its Territorial and Statehood Post Offices" (2002)
General"Post offices and postmasters"
GeneralBarr, Ellinor: "Swedes in Canada: Invisible Immigrants" (2015)
GeneralLandelius, Otto Robert: "Swedish Place-Names in North America" (1985)
AlbertaKaramitsanis, Harrison, Aubrey: "Place Names of Alberta" vol I-IV (2001)
SaskatchewanMcLennan, D.: "Our Towns: Saskatchewan Communities from Abbey to Zenon Park" (2008)
SaskatchewanRussell, E.T.: ""What's in a Name" - The Story Behind Saskatchewan Place Names" (1980)

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