Norway in America - Utah

Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Widtsoe, UT
Widtsoe, post office in Garfield Co., UT. Named for John A. Widtsoe, author, scientist and academic, born 1872 born on the island of Frøya in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. The post office opened 1917 with Carel H. Mangum postmaster, and it was discontinued 1937 with mail to Escalante. NFT 6/2016.

Not confirmed: Vineland, UT
Vineland, Washington Co., UT. 1864-1866. Wm. L. Siler was postmaster 1865.
Washington County is located in southeastern Utah. This was an early area for growing grapes for wine: "In a speech encouraging home industry on May 12, 1861, Heber C. Kimball said that the primary purpose why Brigham Young visited Southern Utah was to "ascertain if that country is capable of producing cotton, sugar, coffee and grapes."". Probably not related to the Norse Vinland.

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