Philatelic Books and Publications
Scouts on Stamps

A Bibliography compiled by
T.P. McDermott

At the SOSSI (Scouts On Stamps Society International) meeting in San Francisco in conjunction with Pacific 97, Gottfried Steinmann of Germany pointed out the need for a bibliography of philatelic books or publications on Scouts on Stamps. Since I'm interested in literature and now have a computer which could be of assistance, I have started on the project.

Below is a list of what is known to me. It is broken down as to country where published, and type of publication. The language is English, unless noted otherwise.
A list of publications that are still in print, that is, still available from the publisher can be linked here.

Can you or some of your friends help in this project by corrections or supplying additional information especially regarding publications from your country or area?

Canada Scout Philatelic Publications

  • Canadian scout & guide covers & cancels (not seen)
    1964 James Hogins
    supplement 1964
  • Scout Stamp Catalogue
    1991 Tony Manson (39p, 8x11)
  • Eighth World Jamboree Niagara-on-the-Lake
    1996 Tony Manson (monography, 8x11)
  • History of the Maple Leaf Chapter #15, SOSSI
    1997 Tony Manson (8x11)
  • Scout Cancellations of Canada - A Checklist of Scout Machine Cancellations
    1995 Robert K. Thorne (photocopy, 12p)
  • Canadian Boy Scout & Girl Guide Philatelic Catalog
    2008 Tony Manson. Published by SOSSI (spiral bound, 237p, 1100 images).

USA Scout Philatelic Publications

  • World Jamboree 1967 Idaho, USA (12th WJ)
    1968 Peter J. Duck, David Jefferies and Reg. Morris
    SOSSI Journal XVII #4 April 1968. Produced by SSCC of UK (30p, 165x205mm).
  • Nordjamb 75 (14th WJ)
    1975 Peter J. Duck, David Jefferies, Torbjørn Larsson-Fedde, Reg. Morris
    SOSSI Journal XXV #3-4 March-April 1976 (shows 1975).
  • The Scout Field Post in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944
    1961 Thaddeus Gryzewski (48p) published by Polonus Philatelic Society.
  • Boys' Life. Scouts on Stamps Checklist
    1971 Wiliam Hoffmann (6p, 8x11)
  • Scouts on Stamps of the World (7th SOSOW)
    1986 Howard J. Kaplan and William E. Hoffmann (168p loose-leaf, 8x11)
    Supplement #1 to SOSOW (7th Edition).1988 (Oct.).
  • Boy Scout Cachets of the United States
    1956 Sheldon S. Levy (56p - 7)
    Supplement I to Levy's Boy Scout Cachets of the United States
    1958 Sheldon S. Levy and Frank I. Jones.
  • SOSSI Checklist
    Robert C. Nugent 1978 (21p), 1983 (30p)
  • Philately of the Anglo-Boer War
    1943 Stephen G. Rich (225p, 148x222mm)
  • Girl Scout Cachets
    1965 Floyd V. Steutel-Dan (photocopy 16p, 8x11)
  • Boy Scouts Stamps of the World (first edition of SOSOW)
    1949 Harry D. Thorsen Jr.
    First printing on Page 23 lists USA but says no stamp has been issued yet.
    Second printing pictures the USA 1950 scout commemorative stamp.
  • Boy Scouts Stamps of the World (2nd edition of SOSOW)
    1955 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and W. Arthur McKinney
    Similar cover as first edition except "Vol 1" and two author names.
  • Boy Scout Fund Seals & Camp Post Stamps
    1955 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and W. Arthur McKinney
    "Vol 2" refers to this being a companion pamphlet to B S S of W
    Supplement A and B in brown 1956, another supplement in blue is undated and lettered
  • Scouts on Stamps of the World (3rd SOSOW)
    1964 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and W. Arthur McKinney
    Special Jamboree Edition, introduced at 6th U.S. National Jamboree, Valley Forge
    Enclosed within Baden-Powell on Stamps of the World by Harry D. Thorsen Jr., in color
  • Scout Stamps of the World
    1964 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and W. Arthur McKinney
    ATA topical handbook #42, published by American Topical Association.
    Identical to SOSOW special Jambore edition except for cover.
  • Scouts on Stamps of the World (4th SOSOW)
    1968 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and W. Arthur McKinney
    Same cover as 1964 issue except in blue.
  • Scout Stamps of the World
    1968 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and W. Arthur McKinney
    ATA topical handbook #64, published by American Topical Association.
    Identical to SOSOW 1968 edition except for cover.
  • Scouts on Stamps of the World (5th SOSOW)
    1973 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. and William E. Hoffmann (53p loose-leaf, 8x11)
    1976 Supplement, issued in SOSSI Journal Vol 25 #7-11 (10p).
  • Scouts on Stamps of the World (6th SOSOW)
    1979 Harry D. Thorsen Jr., William E. Hoffmann and Howard J. Kaplan (82p loose-leaf, 8x11)
    Actually prepared by using remainders of fifth edition and the addition of new pages and cover.
  • XV World Jamboree, Alberta, Canada 1983 (15th WJ)
    198? Reg. Morris and David Jefferies
    SOSSI monography
  • All Nations Stamp Finder and Dictionary
    1952 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. (Non-scout publication, but an HDT book.)
    Found in two printings: covers in red / green and another red / blue (32p).
  • Scout Stamps / Scout Seals, A Specialized Catalogue
    1961 Harry D. Thorsen Jr.
    Price list, six articles, FDC and cancellations, 21 pages of priced seals, and meters.
  • Stories "behind" the Scout Stamps
    1970 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. (16p).
  • Stamp Collecting Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series
    (by cover styles, there are 7 different varieties of the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge books; I believe this list covers all major printings.)
    1931 Prescott Holden Thorp (38p)
    1951 James W. Shaver (56p, 135x205mm)
    1966 James W. Shaver, W. Arthur McKinney (40p)
    1974 Harry D. Thorsen Jr. (48 p, ISBN 0-8395-3359-4), uses Scouts on Stamps items.
  • Scouts on Stamps. A Checklist
    Paul Toneman, first edition 1992
    sixth edition 1997 is an excellent publication, and probably totals 500 pages. (loose-leaf binder, 5x8)
  • Errors and Varieties on Scouts on Stamps
    Paul Toneman, first edition 1992
    fourth edition 1998, (approx. 230p in loose-leaf binder, 5x8)

Australia and New Zealand Scout Philatelic Publications

  • The Place of Stones. Mafeking/Mafikeng. The Siege Stamps and Banknotes
    1991 John Campbell (40p, ISBN 0-473-01516-1)
    4th edition 1997 (104p, ISBN 0-473-04496-X, with illustrations in b&w and 16p full colour, all in A4 size)
  • Scout & Guide Postmarks of Australia
    1983 Kenneth A. Colgrave (37p, 165x203mm, ISBN 0 9590872 0 6)
    1985 revised edition Kenneth A. Colgrave (40p, 165x203mm, ISBN 0 9590872 1 4)
  • Scout & Guide Postmarks of New Zealand and the Pacific Region
    1985 Kenneth A. Colgrave (36p softbound, 170x251mm, ISBN 0 9590872 2 2)
  • Scout and Guide Philatelic History of Australia
    1985 Erhard (Ernie) Stermole (127p, 170x251mm, ISBN 0 9596569 52, 1500 copies)
    Supplement 1986-1993 (65p photocopy, 150x210mm)
  • New Zealand Postal History of Scouting and Guiding
    1993 E. Stermole (102p photocopy)
  • Scout Stamps of the World - Book 1
    1970-71 Scout and Guide Stamp Society of Australia (Sydney Chapter) (12p, softbound, released at the 9th Australian Scout Jamboree held at Leppington, NSW)
  • Catalogue: Scout & Guide Stamps of the World 1900-92
    includes list of Australia and New Zealand cancellations
    1993? E. Stermole (24p photocopy) (Not seen)
  • Scouts Guides postcards of Australia
    1995 E. Stermole (97p photocopy)
  • Australia Scout & Guide Labels and Transfers
    1995 Erhard Stermole (36p photocopy)
  • Scouts & Guides Franking Machine Cancellations and Postage Paid Imprints of Australia
    1997 Erhard Stermole

Great Britain Scout Philatelic Publications

  • The Scout Field Post in the Warsaw Uprising 1944
    1974 Mr. Zbigniew Bokiewicz collection (36p, 166x228mm, limited to 500 copies)
    in English and Polish
  • Stamp Collector and Philatelist Scout Badge Test Series (No 9)
    1947 British Boy Scout Association, badge requirements (123x183mm)
  • Stamp Collector Philatelist, Guide Pathfinder, Rider and Horseman Scout Badge Test Series (No 21)
    1961 British Boy Scout Association, requirements for 5 different badges (120x180mm)
  • World Jamboree 1967 (12th WJ at Idaho, USA)
    1968 Peter J. Duck, David Jefferies and Reg. Morris (31p, 165x204mm)
  • Nordjamb 75 (14th WJ at Lillehammer, Norway)
    1976 Peter J. Duck, David Jefferies, Torbjörn Larsson-Fedde and Reg. Morris (40p)
  • Catalogue of Scout and Guide Stamps 1900-1977
    1978 Peter J. Duck
  • Boy Scout and Girl Guide Stamps of the World
    1957 Gordon Entwistle (82p hardbound and softcover, 125x190mm)
  • The World Jamboree (3rd WJ at Arrowe Park, U.K.)
    1978 Jimmy Golton and Reg. Morris (22p)
    issued as Vol 10-2 of the SSCC Bulletin
  • Scout Personalities on Stamps
    1967 S. K. Hunter (21p)
    1973 (second edition, 50p)
  • Paper Currency of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
    1999 John Ineson (102 p hardbound, 190x250mm)
  • Postal Arrangements at the World Scout Jubilee Jamboree
    1959 Colin M. Langston and Cyril R. H. Parsons (13p, 200x255mm)
    British Postmark Society monograph No. 1 (SSCC handbook #1?)
  • 18th World Jamboree Mondial Holland 1995
    1996 Fred P. Maarsen (34p, 210x297mm)
  • The 19xx Checklist of Scout and Guide Stamps of the World
    First edition 1976, issued almost annually, by J. David F. McKee (photocopy 145x210 mm)
    seen 3rd 1978, 4th 1980, 6th 1983, 9th 1987, 10th 1988, 12th 1991, 13th 1992 which includes "Brigade" in title, 15??th 1993, 19th 1998
    The 2000 Checklist of Scout, Guide & Brigade Stamps of the World (20th Edition) (188p, 145x210 mm)
  • Postal History of the Warsaw Uprising 1944
    1984 Mr. Zbigniew Mikulski collection (photocopy, 145x210mm)
    in Polish only
  • Scout Stamps and Postmarks of Greece (includes 11th WJ)
    1965 Reg. Morris, SSCC handbook No. 2 (23p, 162x205mm)
  • The 13th World Scout Jamboree Japan 1971
    1973 Reg. Morris (50p, 216x280mm)
  • XV World Jamboree, Alberta, Canada 1983 (15th WJ)
    198? Reg. Morris and David Jefferies
    SGSC monography
  • Catalogue of Scout and Guide Stamps
    1965 A. H. Nicholson (205x255mm)
  • Scout Stamps of the World
    1997 third edition, George C. Sampson (316p, 5 3/4 x 8 1/4,)

German Scout Philatelic Publications

  • Catalogues issued by ArGe Pfadfinder e.V. (the Scout Stamps Collectors Club in Germany)
    (photocopy 148x210mm, in German and English, yearly supplements)
    • Briefmarken-Katalog: Europa Region (Stamps, Europe)
    • Briefmarken-Katalog: Africa Region (Stamps, Africa)
    • Briefmarken-Katalog: Inter-America Region (Stamps, America)
    • Briefmarken-Katalog: Arabische Region (Stamps, Arabian Region)
    • Briefmarken-Katalog: Asia Region (Stamps, Asia)
    • Briefmarken-Katalog: Pacific Region (Stamps, Pacific)
    • Ganzsachen-Katalog (Postal Stationery)
    • Sonderstempel-Katalog: Europa Region (Cancellations, Europe)
    • Freistempel-Katalog: Europa Region (Meter Slogans, Europe)
    • Sonder- und Freistempelkatalog: Inter-America Region (Cancellations and meter slogans, America)
    • Sonder- und Freistempelkatalog: Asia Region (Cancellations and meter slogans, Asia)
    • Sonder- und Freistempelkatalog: Pacific Region (Cancellations and meter slogans, Pacific)
    • Sonder- und Freistempelkatalog: Africa Region (Cancellations and meter slogans, Africa)
    • Sonder- und Freistempelkatalog: Arabische Region (Cancellations and meter slogans, Arabian Region)
    • Pfadfinder-Telefonkarten-Weltkatalog (World Catalogue of Scouting Telephone Cards)
  • Die Geschichte des litauischen Pfadfindertums 1918 bis 1993 sowie Litauische Pfadfinder-Philatelie
    & -Erinophilie von den nationalen & internationalen Großlagern 1928 bis 1993
    The History of the Lithuanian Scout Movement 1918 to 1993 and Lithuanian scout philately
    & commemorative items from the main national and international scout camps between 1928 and 1993

    1997 Mannfred Rauschenberger (95p photocopy, 210x297mm, in German and English)
  • Deutsche Pfadfinderabteilungen in Belgien im Weltkrieg 1914/18
    (German Scout Units in Belgium during the World War 1914/18)
    1978 Gottfried Steinmann (24p photocopy, 148x210mm, in German)
    1997 Gottfried Steinmann (40p, 148x210mm, in German)
  • Pfadfinderstempel Schweden
    1983 Gottfried Steinmann (36p, photocopy, in German)
  • Yearbook Scout/Guide Philately - Jahrbuch Pfadfinder Philatelie 1984
    Gottfried Steinmann (56p, 148x210mm, in English and German)
  • Yearbook Scout/Guide Philately - Jahrbuch Pfadfinder Philatelie 1985-1986
    Gottfred Steinmann (80p, 148x210m, in English and German)
  • Der Warschauer Aufstand 1944 und seine Pfadfinderpost
    (The Warsaw Uprising 1944 and its Scout Post)
    1995 Gottfried Steinmann (60p, 148x210mm, 500 copies, in German)
  • Pfadfinder Briefmarken Sammler
    1958 Norbert Thiele (48p, 148x210mm, in German)
    1. Nachtrag (1st Supplement) 1960, (16p, 148x210mm, in German)
    2. Nachtrag (2nd Supplement) 1961, (10p, 148x210mm, in German)
    3. Nachtrag (3rd Supplement) 1962, (22p, 148x210mm, in German)
    4. Nachtrag (4th Supplement) 1963, (20p, 148x210mm, in German)
    5. Nachtrag (5th Supplement) 1964, (22p, 148x210mm, in German)
  • Pfadfinder-Briefmarkenkatalog
    (Scout Stamps Catalogue)
    1965 Norbert Thiele (loose leafs, 148x210mm, in German)
    yearly supplements until 19??
  • Pfadfinder-Philatelie Literaturverzeichnis
    (Scout Philatelic Literature List)
    1979 Albrecht Zimmermann (22p, 210x297mm, in German)
    1984 Albrecht Zimmermann (37p, 148x210mm, in German)

French Scout Philatelic Publications

  • Scoutism et Philatelie
    (Scouting and Philately)
    1955 Paula M. Brabant (in French)
  • Catalogue des Timbres-Poste Sports et Scoutisme
    (Sports and Scout Stamps Catalogue)
    2nd edition 1961 Clément Brun (96p, 134x180mm, in French)
    4th edition 1963 Clément Brun (124p, 134x180mm, in French)
    6th edition 1965 (156p, in French)
  • Catalogue General des Timbres Sportif et Scouts
    (Sports and Scout Stamps Catalogue)
    1953 Guy Depolier (213p, 134x215mm, in French)
  • Vignettes Francaises Scoutes Livret I: 1912-1947
    (French Scout Labels, Volume I)
    1988 Lucien Desmaretz (52p photocopy, 146x213mm, in French)
  • Vignettes Francaises Scoutes Livret II: 1948-1987 et Images de collection
    (French Scout Labels, Volume II)
    1988 Lucien Desmaretz (photocopy 52p, 146x213mm, in French)
  • Catalogue de Sports, Olympiques et Scoutisme
    (Catalogue of Sports, Olympics and Scouting)
    1976 H. Trachtenberg (102p, in French) 1979 (164p)
    1982 (132p - 34p)
    1990 (235p, comprehensive priced catalogue including many imperfs and
    varieties not priced elsewhere, gives printing quantities where known)
  • 100 Ans de timbres Scouts
    2007 Laurent Lemerle (278 pages in pocket size. Two versions, in French and English)
  • A Century of Scouting on Stamps of the World
    2007 Laurent Lemerle (278 pages in pocket size. Two versions, in French and English)

Scandinavian Scout Philatelic Publications

  • Sweden Scouting Philately (Sweden)
    1974 Hans Gerlach (photocopy 32p, 210x297mm)
  • Speiderfilateli. Kronologisk oversikt over frimerker med speidermotiv 1900-1979 (Norway)
    (Scout Philately. Check list of scout stamps 1900-1979)
    1980 Steinar Halvorsen (24p, 148x210mm, in Norwegian)
  • Speiderfilateli. Orientering om speiderfrimerker (Norway)
    (Scout Philately. Information about scout stamps)
    1981 Steinar Halvorsen (12p, 148x210mm, in Norwegian)
  • Norsk speiderfilateli 1928-1980 (Norway)
    (Norwegian Scout Philately 1928-1980)
    1981 Torbjørn Larsson-Fedde and Steinar Halvorsen (27p, 148x210mm, in Norwegian)
    supplement Norsk speiderfilateli
    1982 Steinar Halvorsen (16p, 148x210mm, in Norwegian)
  • Suomalaisia Partiopostikortteja 1910-n.1940 (Finland)
    (Finnish Scout Postcards)
    1989 Rauni and Juhani Olamo (68p, 176x250mm, ISBN 951-8923-03-5, in Finnish)
  • Nøddeknækkeren (Denmark)
    (The Nut Cracker) How to decipher the dates in old Thai cancellations.
    c. 1980 Spejderfrimærkeklubben i Danmark (The Scout Stamp Club in Denmark) (4p, 148x210mm, in Danish)
  • Danmark Frankeringsmaskine stempler 1935-1994 (Denmark)
    (Denmark, Scout Meter Slogans)
    1994 Spejderfrimærkeklubben i Danmark (The Scout Stamp Club in Denmark) (photocopy 20p, 148x210mm, in Danish)
  • Danske spejdersærstempler 1930-1994 (Denmark)
    (Danish Scout stamp Cancellations 1930-1994)
    1994 Spejderfrimærkeklubben i Danmark (The Scout Stamp Club in Denmark)

Benelux Scout Philatelic Publications

  • 75 Years of Jamboree - Stories and Stamps (the Netherlands)
    1st edition, G. Coerts, Fred Maarsen & A. van Soest (ISBN 90-75536-01-1, in Dutch)
    1995 2nd edition (ISBN 90-7553-02-x, in English)
  • De werking van de Padfinderspost in 1940 en 1944:
    Een overzicht van hun bijdrage tot het herstel van het binnenlands postverkeer
    alsmede hun rol in de postverbindingen tussen België en het zuiden van Frankrijk
    (The operations of the Scout Post in 1940 and 1945: An overview of the contribution to the restoring
    of the domestic postal system and the mail exchange between Belgium and southern France)
    1996-1997 Jan van Gansberghe (in Dutch)
  • Sport en Padvinders op Postzegels (the Netherlands)
    (Sport and Scouting on Stamps)
    1950 M.J. van Heerdt-Kolff (57p, in Dutch)
  • Catalogue of Scout and Guide Cancellations / Catalogue des Obliterations Scouts et Guides (Belgium)
    1982 2nd edition Ph. van Hille (148x208mm, in French and English)
  • Afstempelingen en frankeermeters van Benelux / Oblitérations et affranchissements du Benelux (Belgium)
    (Benelux Cancellations and meter slogans)
    1988, 1st supplement 1990, 2nd supplement 1991 Ph. van Hille
  • Scout Stamp Catalogues
    (stamps, errors, varieties, booklets, postal stationaries)
    Authors Ph. van Hille and E. Pollet
    Europe Gespecialiseerde Catalogus, Catalogue Specialisť, Specialised Catalogue
    1986 (100 pages, in Dutch, French, English)
    1st and 2nd supplements (1995)
    3rd supplement (2000)
    Asia + 1st supplement 1989
    Oceania 1990
    America's 1991
    Africa's 1992/1993, 2 volumes
  • Monography World Jamboree 1933 (Belgium)
    1999 Ph. van Hille
  • Le Sixième Jamborée Mondial (Belgium)
    (The Sixth World Jamboree, 1947)
    1996 Ph. van Hille (16p, 148x210mm, in French and German)
  • Monography World Jamboree 1957 (Belgium)
    Ph. van Hille (In Dutch and English)
  • The 10th World Scout Jamboree / Le Dixième Jamborée Mondial Philippines 1959 (Belgium)
    1994 Ph. van Hille (20p, 148x210mm, in French and English)
  • Monography World Jamboree 1963 (Belgium)
    Ph. van Hille
  • Monography World Jamboree 1967 (Belgium)
    Ph. van Hille (in Dutch and English)
  • De 13e Wereldjamboree Japan
    Le 13ème Jamboree mondial Asagiri Heights Fujinomiya Japon
    (Monography World Jamboree 1971)
    Ph. van Hille (in Dutch and French)
  • Scouts post 1940 Belgium and France (Belgium)
    2000 Ph. van Hille (50p, Dutch/English summary 40 illustrations)
  • Handbook of Scout Stamps of S. and S.E. Arabia and Kuwait (Belgium)
    1984 E. Pollet and Ph. van Hille (93p)
  • Scouting on Stamps (the Netherlands)
    1975 A. A. H. Springer (45p)
    1977 second edition (158p)
  • Pan Arab Jamborees (the Netherlands)
    1983 A. A. H. Springer (90p)
  • Catalogue - Prix-Courant des Timbres-Poste ayant pour Sujet
    des Boy Scouts et le Centenaire du 1er Timbre-Poste
    (Catalogue of Scout Stamps and Centenary Issues for the first Stamp, with prices)
    1951 Thill Raymond (24p, 130x185mm, in French)
  • Briefwisseling tussen België en Frankrijk en vice versa, mei 1940 - augustus 1940
    Een filatelistische studie over de actoren: Scouts, het Rode-Kruis, K.A.J., Burgerpost en Legerposterijen, CRAB-jongeren
    (The mail exchange between Belgium and France, May - September 1940.
    A philatelic study of the participants: Scouts, the Red Cross, Catholic Workers Youth, Civil and Military Post, the Belgian Army Recruitment Centre)
    c.1997 Studiekring Wereldorloog I en II - Piet van San (in Dutch)

Other Scout Philatelic Publications

  • 1951 Welt-Jamboree Bad Ischl (Austria)
    (7th WJ at Bad Ischl, Austria)
    1981 Herman Aichinger (photocopy 25p, 210x297mm, in German)
  • Österreich Pfadfinderfreistempel (Austria)
    (Austria scout meter slogans)
    1980 Wilhelm-Otto Neubäck (photocopy 11p, 210x297mm, in German)
  • Österreich Pfadfindersonderstempel (Austria)
    (Austria scout cancellations)
    1983 Wilhelm-Otto Neubäck (photocopy 25p, 210x297mm, in German)
    supplements are issued with the Mitteilungsblatt
  • Österreich Pfadfindersonderpostmarken (Austria)
    (Austria scout stamps)
    1985 Wilhelm-Otto Neubäck (photocopy 23p, 210x297mm, in German)
  • Pfadfinder-Briefmarken aus der ganzen Welt (Austria)
    (Scout Stamps from all world)
    1998 Österreichische Pfadfinder-Briefmarken Sammlergilde (1,300p, 148x210mm in 3 binders)
  • Die Österreichischen Pfadfinder-Briefmarken, Sonderpoststempel und Absenderfreistempel (Austria)
    (The Austrian Scout Stamps, Cancellations and Meter Slogans)
    c. 1966 DFM F. Pospisil and Ing. A. Werner (24p, 105x148mm, in German)
  • The Postage Stamps and Special Cancellations of Hungarian Scouting (Hungary)
    1996 Hungarian Scout Association. Scout Collection and Museum. Editor József Bokody, director of the Scout Museum and Library. (First English edition 20p photocopy, 148x210 mm)
  • Marche, Vignette e Francobolli (Italy)
    1979 Dante Bettale (42p, in Italian)
  • Catalogo dei Francobolli Scout - Scout Stamps Catalogue - Edizioni Scautismo (Italy)
    (Scout Stamp Catalogues)
    October 1970, Vol. 1 - Europe & Oceania, Vol. 2 - The Americas, Vol. 3 - Asia, Vol. 4 - Africa
    (loose leaf, stamps printed in colour, 696p total, 158x222mm)
    Supplement 1971-1977
    Supplement 1978-1979
    Supplement 1980-1983 (November 1984)
    Corrections to Catalogues 1970-1983 (September 1986)
  • Catalogo degli Annullamenti Scout Europei (Italy)
    (Catalogue of European Scout Cancellations)
    1st edition 1971, updated from 1989 single pages by Country
  • Catalogo degli Annulli Postali Italiani a Tema Scout (Italy)
    (Catalogue of Italian Scout Cancellations)
    1994 Alberto Vezzalini (88p, 170x240mm, in Italian)
    1995 Supplement
  • Lo Scoutismo in Danimarca (Italy)
    (Scouting in Denmark)
    c. 1971 Author unknown (12p, 220x330 mm, in Italian)
    The pages are numbered 1/DK...12/DK (is it part of a catalogue for several countries?), gives short information about the Danish scouts' and girl-guides' organisations, lists and shows 36 labels and 33 cancellations (ends with 1971 Århus Landsgildeting).
  • Stemple Pocztowe O Tematyce Harcerskiej 1914-1985 (Poland)
    (Polish Scout Cancellations 1914-1985)
    c. 1974 R. Jakubowski, W. Rusiniak
    1988 Ryszard Jakubowski and Witold Rusiniak (102p, 140x200mm, ISBN 83-203-2586-2, in Polish)
  • The Mafeking Blues (Republic of South Africa)
    1978 Robert Goldblatt (excerpt from the South Africa Philatelist March 1974 Vol 54 No 3)
  • Mafeking. A Study of the Development of the Postal History of Mafeking from 1881 to 1910 (Republic of South Africa)
    1986 Andres van der Walt (36p)
  • El Correo Durante El Asedio De Mafeking (Spain)
    (The post during the siege of Mafeking)
    1998 Iván Fernández Goya (181p, 443 figures, photocopy both sides, 210x297 mm, in Spanish)
  • Scouts and Other Youth Movements Catalogue (Spain)
    2000, 1st edition, Domfil (more than 4,000 colour stamp images, in English and Spanish,
    numbers of Domfil, Yvert et Tellier, Michel, Scott and Unificado catalogues)
    Also available on CD-ROM
  • Checklist of Scout and Guide Stamps issued todate (Switzerland)
    1980 Martin Bosle
  • Scouting and Scout-Philately in Roumania 1915-1939 (Switzerland)
    1973 Fredy Scherb (photocopy 29p, 210x297mm)
  • Werdegang, Erfolg, Unterdrückung und Wiedererstehung der Tschechoslowakischen Pfadfinderbewegung (Switzerland)
    (Development, success, suppression and re-start of the Czechoslovak scout movement)
    c. 1990 Milos Miltner
  • Catalogo Especializado de Timbres Postales. Emitidos con motivos o a Beneficio de los Scouts y Guias (Mexico)
    1956 Jose Manuel Caballero Barnard (64p)

Scout Philatelic Journals, Bulletins and other Periodicals

  • The Journal of the Scout & Guide Stamp Club, Australia (Australia)
    From 1966 to ????
  • the "Mafeking Blues" (Australia)
    House Journal of B & S Stamps (stamp dealer)
    Whole number 38 issued February 1995
  • Mitteilungsblatt (Austria)
    journal of Steiermärkische Pfadfinderbriefmarken Sammler (StPS, the Styrian Scout Stamp Collectors Club)
    1978 to date, issued three times per year (210x297mm, in German),
    Whole number 61 issued St. George's Day 1998
  • ÖPBSG Nachrichten (Austria)
    journal of Österreichische Pfadfinder-Briefmarken Sammlergilde (ÖPBSG, the Austrian Scout Stamp Collectors Club)
    19xx to date, issued four times per year (148x210mm, in German)
  • The Maple Leaf-Lets (Canada)
    SOSSI Chapter newsletter, published monthly. First published March 1963.
  • Bulletin of the World Sealers Club (Canada)
    Ed. Murray Fried. First published Jan 1988.
  • Scout Philatelic Gazette (Canada)
    Ed. George LeMesurier 1953(?) to Dec 1959 (total #27 issues).
  • Echo (Belgium)
    Journal of Scoutsfilatelisten Benelux
  • Phila-Spejd (Denmark)
    1975 to date, quarterly journal of Spejderfrimærkeklubben i Danmark (The Scout Stamp Club in Denmark)
    (210x297mm, ISSN 0909-6302, in Danish) Whole number 93 issued March 1998
  • Informationsblatt (Germany)
    1975 to 1976 (148x210mm, 3 times in 1975, 2 in 1976 and then changed name to Scoutpost-Information)
    1976 to date. Quarterly bulletin of ArGe Pfadfinder e.V (the Scout Stamps Club in Germany)
    (148x210mm, 2 times 1976, further 4 times a year. Whole number 93 issued April 1998.
  • The Journal of the Scout Stamps Collectors Club (Great Britain)
    From 1957 (166x205mm, 4 times 1957, further 6 times a year)
    Scout Stamp Collectors Club - Journal
    from Vol 12 No 1 Feb 1968
    Scout Stamps Collectors Club - Bulletin
    From Feb 1970 (210x297mm)
    Scout Stamps Collectors Club - Club Bulletin
    New series Vol 5 No 1 June 1973 (5 issues a year)
    Scout and Guide Stamps Club - Bulletin
    From Sept/Oct 1985.
    Whole number 239 issued May/June 1998
    Membership List
    1968, Jan 1973
  • Notiziario dell'Associazione Italiana Di Scoutfilatelia (Italy)
    Editor: Vittorio Burattini, Ancona (220x330 mm, in Italian).
    6 issues yearly from 1970 to date - from 2008 in colour; 220x330 mm, from 1983 210x297 mm - A4 format)
  • I Quaderni dell'AISF (Italy)
    n.1-2006 "Omaggio a Francesco Messina" (in Italian)
    n.2-2007 "Godollo 1933. Le Raccomandate" (in Italian)
  • El explorador Filatélico (Spain)
    1986 to date, quarterly journal for the Club Filatelico de Scouts y Guias
    Whole number 46 issued March 1998
  • Scout Stamps Collectors Club - Klubbmeddelande till norska och svenska medlemmar(Sweden)
    (Information journal to Norwegian and Swedish SSCC members)
    No. 3 August 1966 - No. 6 December 1967
    Scoutfilatelisten - Informationblad på svenska från Scout Stamps Collectors Club
    No. 7-8 January 1969 - No. 14 November 1972
    Editor: Jan Henrik Bergqvist, Järfälla (210x297 mm, in Swedish)
  • newsletter (Switzerland)
    Journal of Association Suisse des Philatelistes Scouts / Schweizerischer Pfadfinder-Philatelistenverein
    From 1984 (148x210mm, 1 issue 1984, 4 issues yearly 1985-1996, 3 1997-1998, 1 1999, 2, 2000-2001, 3 2002)
  • SOSSI Journal (U.S.A.)
    1951 to date. Official Publication of the Scouts on Stamps Society International
    • SOSSI Roster of Members July 1965 (to #2184) 1128 members
    • SOSSI Roster of Membership Dec 1968 (to #2918) 1353 members (41p)
    • SOSSI Roster of Membership Oct 1971 (to #3508) 1414 members (46p)
    • SOSSI Roster of Membership June 1975 (to #4166) 1428 members (42p)
    • SOSSI Roster of Membership June 1980 (to #4932) 1415 members (54p)
    • SOSSI Membership & Roster Handbook 1984 (to #5844) (50p, 8x11)
      Dec 1984 issue of the SOSSI Journal, Vol 33 #12 but printed as Volume 39 in error
    • SOSSI Constitution and By-Laws March 1973 issue of the SOSSI Journal Vol XXII #3, second printing Sept 1974
    • SOSSI Constitution and By-Laws, amended to Jan 1, 1995 (12p)
    • Scout Issues of the Trucial States, by Howard Kaplan 1984

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