Norway in America - Nebraska

Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Elling, NE
Elling, post office in Sherman Co., NE, established 1883 and named for its postmaster Elling Johnson, born in Norway 1841. Discontinued 1887 with mail to Round Grove.

Hoffland, NE
Hoffland, post office in Sheridan Co., NE, established 1916 with John H. Show as postmaster. Hoffland was a station on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Wikipedia says it was named for Hoffland/Hovland, Norway, this is a location near Ålesund. Closed 1927 with mail to Antioch.

Norway, NE
Norway, post office in Thomas Co., NE. Norway was established in the 1880s when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad was extended to that point. Early settlers being natives of Norway may have caused the name to be selected. In operation from 1887 with Samuel H. Osmon postmaster, closed 1889, re-established 1906 and discontinued 1935 with mail to Thedford.

Olnes, NE
Olnes, Boone Co., NE, named for Lars L. Olnes who lived in the area (born 1845 Sogndal, Sogn, Norway). Established 1881 with Halvor K. Hestekind postmaster (born 1851 Hestkinn, Etnedal, Norway). Discontinued 1894, re-established same year, discontinued 1902.

Scandinavia, NE
Scandinavia, post office in Harlan Co., NE. The reason for its name is not found. Established 1874 and discontinued 1888 with mail to Ragan.

Not confirmed: Scandia, NE
Scandia, Custer Co., NE. 1899-1904. Named for Scandinavia or Skåne, Sweden? First postmaster James L. Smith.
The land owners closest to Scandia p.o. were G.A. Olson not found in FamilySearch), Frederick Schulze (German) and A.J. Murrish (b. Wisconsin to English parents).

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