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Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Ajerton, MT
Ajerton, post office in Valley Co., MT. Named for first postmaster Julius S. Ajer, born Wisconsin 1888 to father born in Norway and mother born in Wisconsin. The post office operated from 1918 until discontinued 1920 with mail to Luftre.

Almberg, MT
Almberg, post office in Rosebud Co., MT. Named for Almberg, Rindal in Trøndelag, Norway by postmasterp Marie Nelson, born Marie Almberg 1877 in Norway. Her maiden name was from her father Sverke Einarson Almberg. She was married to David Nelson, born in Norway. The post office opened 1922 and closed same year. Marie Nelson was appointed postmaster at Rim Rocks p.o. later 1922 (possibly same location as Almberg p.o.).

Andersonville, MT
Andersonville, post office in Fergus Co., MT, named for Joseph Richard ‘Skookum’ ‘Joe’ Anderson, born in Canada to Norwegian parents. He received his nickname from living with the Chinook Indians in western Washington. The post office was established 1881 with Benjamin Dexter postmaster, and closed same year after three months. Re-established 1882, same postmaster, and discontinued 1885. Today a ghost town.

Benrud, MT
Benrud, post office in Roosevelt Co., MT. The post office opened 1921 as Camrud, and changed name 1923 to Benrud, and Ole A. Skaret continuing as postmaster (born 1882 in Norway). Probably named for storekeeper Ben Strand, believed to be Bernt Strand, born 1891 in North Dakota to Norwegian immigrant parents. The post office was discontinued 1938 with mail to Wolf Point. See Camrud, MT.

Brusett, MT
Brusett, rural post office in Garfield Co., MT. Established on Lone Tree Creek in 1916, Brusett received its name when homesteader Alma Brusett Smith applied to the federal government to open a post office. The town served area ranchers and homesteaders. Brusett (sometimes written Brudeset/Brudeseth) is a farm in Måndalen, Møre & Romsdal, Norway. The post office is still in operation.

Camrud, MT
Camrud, post office in Roosevelt Co., MT. Probably named for Joseph Camrud, born Minnesota 1894, his father was from Kamrud, Ulnes, Nord-Aurdal, Norway. The post office was established 1921 with Ole A. Skaret as postmaster (born 1882 in Norway). The name was changed 1923 to Benrud. See Benrud, MT.

Charlesburg, MT
Charlesburg, post office in Powell Co., MT. Established April 1920, believed to be named for first postmaster Charles H. Anderson, born 1873 in Wisconsin to Norwegian immigrant parents. Closed September 1920 with mail to Elliston.

Cleiv, MT
Cleiv, Teton Co., MT, established 1915 with Margit Fjeld as postmaster. She was born 1891 as Margit Kleiv in North Dakota to Norwegian immigrant parents. The Kleiv name is from Morgedal, Norway. Closed 1936 with mail to Fairfield.

Dragseth, MT
Dragseth, post office in Custer Co., MT, today in Fallon Co. Named for its postmaster Stinus Dragseth, born 1869 in Norway. In operation from 1900, and discontinued 1904 with mail to Knowlton.

Flandrem, MT
Flandrem, small town in Valley Co., MT from 1906 (the location is in Sheridan Co. from 1913), MT. A post office was established at Flandrem in 1906 with store owner Edward Stubban as postmaster, he named it for his home in Norway. He was postmaster of Aure, MN 1903-1905. Flandrem is a modified spelling of Fannrem, the nearest village to Stubban in Orkland, Norway. The post office changed name to Medicine Lake 1907, Edward Stubban continuing as postmaster. The post office is still in operation. The population was 225 at the 2010 census.

Gunderson, MT
Gunderson, silver mine town in Silver Bow Co., MT. Established 1883 and named for Louis Gunderson, postmaster. He was born in Chicago, IL to Norwegian immigrant parents. The post office changed name to Meaderville 1903, and from 1908 a branch of Butte, MT. NFT 3/2017.

Haugan, MT
Haugan is a community in Mineral Co., MT. Haugan was named for Hauman G. Haugan, land commissioner for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. He was born 1840 in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. The railroad founded Haugan as a pusher station, for adding extra engines to assist trains making the climb up to the tunnel at St. Paul Pass. The Haugan, MT post office opened 1911 with Lavina J. Emmert first postmaster. The post office closed in 1944, re-opened in 1948 and was converted to a contract post office from 1983.

Holter, MT
Holter, post office in Lewis & Clark Co., MT. Named for Anton M. Holter (1831-1921), Norwegian immigrant who started lumber industry in Montana 1863, hardware merchant in Helena, Territorial legislator 1878, State legislator 1889. In operation from 1908 with Albert J. Reed postmaster, and discontinued 1918 with mail to Wolf Creek. NFT 3/2017.

Java, MT
Java is a ghost town in Richland Co., MT. It was named for its first postmaster Anton Jevnager, born 1874 in Norway, who owned a grocery and hardware store in the community when its post office was established 1907. The Java, MT post office closed 1913 with mail to Mondak. NFT 3/2019.

Lundville, MT
Lundville, post office in Roosevelt Co., MT. Named for Einar A. Lund, born Minnesota 1895 to Norwegian immigrant parents. The post office opened 1921 with Aagodt Berg postmaster, and closed 1930 with mail to Dowd.

Mauland, MT
Mauland, rural post office in Fergus Co., MT. The post office opened 1905, named for postmaster Olaus Mauland, born at the Mauland farm in Time, Norway. Several of his family members were pioneer sheepmen and ranchers in the area. The post office closed 1908 with mail to Kendall.

Norheim, MT
Norheim, rural post office in Blaine Co., MT. Named by postmaster Halvor Groven, born 1870 in Norway. The post office opened 1914 and closed 1935 with mail to Chinook. NFT 3/2019.

Omholt, MT
Omholt, rural post office in Toole Co., MT. Named for postmaster Ole Omholt, born 1872 in Norway. The post office opened 1911, discontinued 1918 with mail to Fowler. NFT 3/2019.

Opheim, MT
Opheim is a town in Valley Co., MT. It is named for Norwegian homesteaders Alfred and John Opheim, who began in 1910 with construction of the family’s sod house. The place grew during the homestead boom, and Opheim went from a single dwelling to a community that supported a bank, several mercantile stores, a bakery, a lumberyard, and a saloon. The Opheim, MT post office opened 1910 with John P. Opheim postmaster and it is still in operation. The population was 85 at the 2010 census. NFT 5/2017.

Bainville & Opheim, MT R.P.O.
Great Northern Railway. Williston to Snowden, Bainville, Plentywood, Scobey and Opheim Route 891.3.
Railway post office for the 150 miles line between Bainville, MT and Opheim, MT (on the Williston, ND to Opheim, MT route). In operation 1933-1948. See Opheim, MT for the origin of the Opheim name. NFT 5/2017.

Williston, ND & Opheim, MT R.P.O.
Great Northern Railway. Williston to Snowden, Bainville, Plentywood, Scobey and Opheim Route 891.3.
Railway post office for the 190 miles line between Williston, ND and Opheim, MT. In operation 1929-1933, 1948-1949; a postmark was used at least to 1950. See Opheim, MT for the origin of the Opheim name. NFT 5/2017.

Pederson, MT
Pederson, Sheridan Co., MT, established 1908 in Valley Co. with Peder J. Pederson as postmaster (born 1876 Iowa to Norwegian immigrant parents). Changed named to Barford 1911, new name-change to Homestead later same year, in Sheridan Co. from 1913, closed 1994.

Sollid, MT
Sollid, a small community in Pondera Co., MT (prior to 1919 in Chouteau Co.). It was named for Norwegian-born land locator Sam Sollid. The Sollid, MT post office opened 1909 with Anton A. Dyrud first postmaster, and it closed 1917 with mail to Gates. NFT 3/2019.

Tande, MT
Tande, post office in Daniels Co., MT (before 1920 in Valley Co.). It opened 1915, named for postmaster Andrew N. Tande, born in Norway 1855. Discontinued 1921.

Teigen, MT
Teigen, town in Petroleum Co., MT (Fergus Co. up to 1925). Named for landowner and sheep rancher Mons Teigen from Voss, Norway. In 1884, Mons Teigen established a sheep ranch in the area with Knute and Ole Opheim; Teigen acquired sole ownership in 1897. He married Elsie Borsden of Helena and built a log cabin on the ranch. In 1912, the Milwaukee Road and the Great Northern Railway conducted surveys in this central Montana region. The Milwaukee Land Company platted the Teigen townsite in 1914; the post office opened the same year with Thomas Peterson postmaster. Homesteaders poured into the area between 1913 and 1916, despite the fact that the Milwaukee Road did not lay track to Teigen until 1917. By 1918, there were 2 general stores, a blacksmith shop, and a lumber and grain company. After the 1920 oil discovery in the Cat Creek fields east of Teigen, near the Musselshell River, many speculators drilled in the Teigen area as well, with no success. Teigen fell victim to the drought of the 1920s and the following Great Depression. All that marks the existence of the town now is the hotel that Mons Teigen built in 1917. The post office was converted to a Community Post Office under Roundup, MT from 1983, under Minnett, MT from 2000, discontinued from 2003.

Telstad, MT
Telstad, post office in Toole Co., MT (Chouteau Co. 1910-1912, Hull Co. 1912-1914), established 1910 and named for postmaster Ralph Telstad, born 1861 as Råg Pederson at Telstad, Surnadal, Norway. He immigrated to the United States 1878, was in Minnesota and Wisconsin before Montana where he was sheriff, farmer and postmaster. He later moved to Seattle, WA and passed away 1931. The post office closed 1935 with mail to Dunkirk.

Underdahl, MT
Underdahl, post office in Cascade Co., MT. Established 1921 and named for its postmaster Andrew Underdahl. He was born in Minnesota 1875 to Norwegian immigrant parents, probably from Aurland, Sogn. Name-change to Salem 1928, closed 1937.

Volborg, MT
Volborg, small community in Custer Co., MT, consisting of an elementary school, post office, store with gas pumps, two homes and a few small outbuildings. The post office opened 1915 with Charlie M. Allen as postmaster. Family tradition has it that Charlie Allen had submitted a listing of names to the US Post Office for the name of the town. That original list was rejected. Trying to find a name that the US Post Office would accept, pondering a good choice while at the dinner table, Tillie reached across the table, took the pencil and form from her husband, and wrote in her middle name, Volborg. The US Post Office accepted the name. Theoline (Tillie) Volborg Osmenson Allen was born in Wisconsin 1888 to immigrant parents from Suldal, Norway. She was appointed postmaster 1917. The post office is still in operation. The population is around 200 in 2020.

Wold, MT
Wold, post office in Dawson Co., MT. In operation from 1909, named for first postmaster Richard A. Wold, born in Norway. Closed 1912 with mail to Bloomfield. NFT 3/2019.

Not confirmed: Anderson, MT
Anderson, Silver Bow Co., MT. 1896-1897. Pm William McKeevir. Nothing found in Postal Bulletins.

Not confirmed: Erickson, MT
Erickson, Custer Co., MT. 1890-1914. First postmaster Levi Norgord, born 1862 in Minnesota to Norwegian immigrant parents.

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