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Post office names in USA and Canada with Norwegian origin.
Research by Hallvard Slettebø and Dag Henriksbø.

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Hemstad, OR
Hemstad, post office in Deschutes Co., OR, established 1917 with Frank P. Drake as postmaster. It was named for a local homesteader, Olaf Hemstad (1881-1950), born in Norway. Discontinued 1918 with mail to Millican.

Maud, OR
Maud, post office in Jefferson Co., OR, established 1912 and named for Maud Sandvig by her husband and postmaster Samuel A. Sandvig (born in South Dakota to Norwegian immigrant parents). Discontinued 1914 with mail to Ashwood.

Norway, OR
Norway is a community in Coos Co., OR. The locale got its name from Olaf Reed and Oden Nelson, Norwegians who settled there in the 1870s. Reed and Nelson started a general store in 1873. Reed was a former sea captain and like his brothers Edward and Hans, he also worked as a shipbuilder. Norway's post office was established 1876. There was also a Norway station on the Southern Pacific Coos Bay Line. The post office closed 2009 with mail to Myrtle Point. NFT 5/2021.

Rognes, OR
Rognes, Wallowa Co., OR. The post office was established 1909 with Louis O. Rognes postmaster, and it seems likely that it was named for the postmaster who was born in Norway 1841. Discontinued 1910 with mail to Appleton. One source says it was named for Rognes Sever, a Norwegian Lutheran minister, who lived in the locality; this is not supported by the fact that Rognes had a Norwegian congregation which was established 1909 under minister Theodore Ebenezer Sweger (born 1882 in Wisconsin, Norwegian father), the congregation counted 60 souls in 1909, but was dissolved 1910.

Ulvstad, OR
Ulvstad, Jackson Co., OR. Postmaster Martin Ulvestad, the historian and author. The post office opened 1904 and closed the year after with mail to Trail. There was no community, just a very few small mountain ranches.

Not confirmed: Anderson, OR
Anderson, Harney Co., OR. Named for Anderson Valley, which was so named because one ‘Doc’ Anderson lived therein. The post office was established 1908 with Ira J. Manon as postmaster. Discontinued 1910.

Not confirmed: Enger, OR
Enger, Marion Co., OR. It is said that a Mr. Larson opened the first store and called the place Enger for a friend. The post office was established 1887 as Switzerland, name-change 1897 to Enger when John Green took over as postmaster. New name-change 1898 to Pratum.

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