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Not all booklets are issued by the postal authorities, we find also several examples of privately issued stamp booklets related to scouting. Privately issued items are not regarded as good exhibition items, so exhibitors should be careful with these, although they are well worth collecting.


Australia 1988
The stamp dealer B. & S. Stamps in Australia issued two booklets in 1988 as a tribute by "The Mafeking Blues" (the house journal of B. & S. Stamps) to the World Jamboree held in Sydney at the beginning of 1998, and they were released at the Jamboree. Covers of both booklets were identical. On one booklet the inside text was "Australia’s first Scout stamp", and enclosed a block of four of the 1948 Scout stamp. The second booklet’s wording was changed to "The World’s First Scouting Gutter Pair". 240 gutter pair booklets and 750 block of four booklets made, these were on sale for A$5 and A$2.50 respectively. No booklets were released with the printers imprint either on the gutter pair or block of four. The cover reverse has an advertisement for B. & S. Stamps.

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