Scout Stamp Booklets

Stamp Booklets related to Boy Scouts and Girl Guides / Girl Scouts

By Hallvard Slettebø, Norway

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Quite few scout stamps are issued in booklets, so this is a collecting area that is both manageable and, not least, it is very interesting. Not only the stamps themselves, but also text and illustrations on the booklet covers and inserts represent fine elements in a topical or thematic collection.

As far as I know, this is the first attempt to list all stamp booklets related to scouting.


Argentina 1998
Australia 1988
Azerbaijan 2007
Azores 2007
Belgium 1984 and 2007
Belarus 2007
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2007
Bosnia (Croatia adm.) 2007
Bosnia (Serbian post) 2007
Bulgaria 2007
Canada 1955 and 2007
Costa Rica 1968
Croatia 2007
Cyprus c. 1973 and 2007
Czechoslovakia 1991
Czech Republic 1997 and 2007
Denmark 1984 and 2007
France 1947 (labels), 2000
Germany 1993, 1996 and c. 2000
Great Britain 1969 and 1998
Greece 2007
Greenland 2007
Guyana 1982
Hungary 2007
Iceland 2007
Indonesia 2007
Isle of Man 2000, 2003 and 2007
Israel 2007
Japan 1988 and 1990
Kazakhstan 2007
Korea 1990, 1991 and 1996
Lesotho 1982 Updated!
Libya 1962
Lithuania 2007
Luxembourg 1957
Madeira c. 1970
Malta 2007
Manama c. 1970
Moldova 2007
Montenegro 2007
The Netherlands 2007
Philippines 1959
Portugal 1962 and 2007
Ras al Khaima 1969
Serbia 2007
Spain 2007
Sweden 1962 and 2007
Switzerland 1982, 1984 and 1986
Thailand 1981, 1982 and 2002
Tonga 1994
Transkei 1987
Ukraine 2007


These are all boy scout and girl guide related booklets that I am aware of. Should you know of other booklets with Scout/Guide stamps, please send an e-mail to

Not only Scout stamps can be found in booklets, but also labels. These fall outside the scope of this list (but two booklets with seals issued in France, 1947 are included for good measure.)

Some unofficial (bogus) issues are also recorded. I consider these non-collectible and have chosen not to include these here:
Abkhazia, Kosovo (not UNIMIK), Moldova MPR, Mountainous (Nargono) Karabach.

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Thank you to scout stamp collectors who have supplied information on the scout stamp booklets:
John Adams, U.S.A.
Lawrence Clay, U.S.A.
Ken Colgrave, Australia
Charles Coops, Canada
José Miguel Herrero, Spain
Larry Heverley, U.S.A.
Ph. van Hille, Belgium
Torbjörn Larsson-Fedde, Norway
Keith Larson, U.S.A.
Frank Leitz, U.S.A.
David McKee, Ireland
Keiichiro Noguchi, Japan
Frederick Oppliger, U.S.A.
David Page, U.K.
Manfred Rauschenberger, Germany
Dennis C. Shields, U.S.A
StampBabe, U.S.A.
Paul Toneman, U.S.A.
Olav Øverbye, Norway
Runar Øvstegård, Norway
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