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Korea 1990
Korea issued in 1990 one stamp to commemorate the Eighth Korea Jamboree for boy scouts.

In addition to panes of 20 stamps, there were booklets with 4 stamps. The cover inside tells about the camp and about scouting in Korea, with text in Korean and English. The illustration above shows a booklet with a stamp affixed and cancelled with the first day cancel.

Korea 1991
In 1991 issued Korea one stamp in connection with the 17th World Jamboree. The stamp came in souvenir sheets with two stamps, in ordinary panes of 20 stamps and in booklets with 4 stamps. Here is illustrated a booklet with a jamboree stamp affixed, and cancelled with one of the many cancels that was in use at the jamboree. The cover inside has information in Korean and English about world jamborees.
Korea 1996 In 1996 Korea issued yet another scout stamp booklet, containing ten stamps for the 50th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of Korea. The cover reverse depicts the jubilee logo.

The cover inside has a text informing us that 3 million stamps were printed, but there is no information on how many booklets were made.

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