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Czech Republic 1997 #1

Czech Republic 1997 #2

A private booklet commemorates the international Scout meeting (or was it a camp?) "Fénix" 1997 which was held in Prague, and was attended mainly by Scouts and Guides from Central and Eastern Europe. The symbol is the bird Phoenix. The phoenix was an Egyptian bird that died and was reborn.
Two colours for the printed cover are seen. Each booklet contains five stamps depicting a bird painted by Alfons Mucha.

Can anyone supply information about who issued the booklets, numbers printed, etc.?

Czech Republic 2007 front

Czech Republic 2007 inside

Czech Republic 2007 reverse

Booklet issued 2007: Jaroslav Foglar was an important Czech Scout Leader (He was the Scout Leader of the Second Group of Prague for 60 years). Scouting is mentioned on the reverse of the booklet - translation by joined forces of Milan Drapela, Lawrence Clay and Google Translate:
Jaroslav Foglar - Hawk
Czech writer and youth worker
Born in Prague - Podskalí, his father died when he was four years old. At thirteen he started on his scout path and first published in the newspapers. Since 1925 he led camps, and two years later took over management of the Second Prague Scout Group. He published his first book
Port Calls in November 1934. He is the author of other famous boys' novels - The fight for first place, Boys from the Beaver River, Cottage in the Lake basin, Mysterious Řásnovka and others. When at the end of 1938, he became editor of the magazine Young Reporter began there at the same time based on the comic strip Swift Arrows. This probably the most famous Czech comic lived to see three sequences with 316 episodes (1938-1941 Young Reporter, 1946-1948 Forward, 1970-1971 Fast Arrows magazine). The five boys from the club Fast Arrows are followed through Foglar's trilogy of novels Mystery Puzzle, Stínadla Rebels and The Secret of the Great Vonta.
All Foglar's work is trying to lead the reader to honest, decent behavior and sets before him a lofty goal - moral purity.
Issued by CZECH POST, 42,000 booklets

Read more about Foglar here. Jaroslav Foglar is also commemorated on a Scout postmark.

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