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Tonga 1994
Tonga issued in 1994 a booklet with self-adhesive stamps, of which some are scout stamps. The booklet is printed by Walsall Security Printers, and presents the history of self-adhesive postage stamps. The booklet front cover depicts planet Earth photographed from the space. It has a punched opening to the first stamp pane with a holographic stamp depicting the Tongastar - 1 satellite. The booklet contains a 60s scout stamp with similar design to the 25s and T$2 stamps in the Rotary and scouting set of 1980, which was the very last freeform self-adhesive commemorative issued. Another pane has 9 stamps with similar design to the Queen Mother / Girl Guide stamps of 1985, all with denomination 45s. This was the last perforated self-adhesives to be issued. Booklets with the stamps overprinted "SPECIMEN" exist.

David McKee's "1998 Checklist of Scout, Guide & Brigade Stamps of the World" mentions a 1989 Tonga booklet. No more information is available, and possibly there is a mix-up with the 1994 booklet above.

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