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Mailers may be authorised to send mail without affixing postage if payment is made at the time of mailing, this payment may be from an advance deposit account. A postage prepaid article is an article which is imprinted with the words "postage paid" or words of like effect, or on which appears a postage stamp or a representation of a postage stamp.
The amount paid as postage for prepaid products in some cases equal the amount that would have been payable on the article if it had not been impressed with a postage prepaid imprint. In some instances, a discount is achieved if more than a given number of articles are mailed at the same time.
Items with postage prepaid by other means that affixing stamps are known from a number of Scouting organisations. Probably many more exist than those which are depicted here.
Please inform the author at if you can supply additional information.

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Thank you to scout stamp collectors who have
supplied information on the Postage Paid items:
  Lawrence Clay, U.S.A.
Ken Colgrave, Australia
Bob Gelwicks, U.S.A.
Eugenio Giudici, Italy
Steinar Halvorsen, Norway
José Miguel Herrero, Spain
Torbjørn Larsson-Fedde, Norway
Peter Michaelsen, Denmark
Runar Øvstegård, Norway

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