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Business Reply Mail (BRM) is a domestic service that allows a mailer to receive First-Class Mail back from customers and pay postage only for the pieces returned to the mailer from the original distribution of BRM pieces. These pieces must have a specific address and format. Postage and fees are collected when the mail is delivered back to the original mailer. BRM is a cost-effective way to provide reply pieces for a wide variety of mailings, including fund-raising solicitations, surveys, subscription renewals, etc.
Businesses, government departments, fund raisers and other organisations of all sizes can use Business Reply Mail to:
- Initiate customer service;
- Raise funds;
- Receive payments;
- Request information;
- Develop retail trade;
- Research the marketplace;
- Build databases;
- Generate sales leads;
- Identify customer needs.
Related terms are Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) and Meter Reply Mail (MRM).
CRM - envelopes or postcards that a mailer provides to its customers to expedite delivery of their responses. The customer affixes the reply postage before mailing.
MRM - a pre-printed return envelope, card, or label provided by a meter license holder as a courtesy to customers on which the postage is prepaid as a meter impression.
Business Reply Mail items are known from a number of Scouting organisations. Probably many more exist than those which are showed here.
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Thank you to scout stamp collectors who have
supplied information on the Business Reply Mail items:
Lawrence Clay, U.S.A. (Lawrence has supplied a lot of information and images!)
Bob Gelwicks, U.S.A.
Steinar Halvorsen, Norway
Torbjørn Larsson-Fedde, Norway
Arvid Løhre, Norway
Olav Øverbye, Norway
Estanislao Pan de Alfaro, Spain
Runar Øvstegård, Norway (Runar has supplied a lot of information and images!)

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